Britain's Got Talent sees Welsh dance group perform in semi-final after standing ovation

-Credit: (Image: ITV)
-Credit: (Image: ITV)

A Welsh dance group are making a second appearance on Britain’s Got Talent tonight in the semi-finals after an impressive audition performance. Port Talbot’s Troll Dancers first took to the show during auditions for the 17th series which aired on May 19 and received a huge reaction.

The dance group consists of 30 extravagantly-dressed trolls, all aged between six and 10 from Port Talbot. They finished their audition with a standing ovation after their performance to the song ‘September’ by Earth, Wind & Fire.

Bruno Tonioli applauded the group and told the kids that he “really wanted to join in because you’re a dazzling, sparkling, visual treat!”, while Simon Cowell said “I didn’t think it was great… I thought it was brilliant”.

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Sian Edwards, one of the dancer's parents, said it had "been a brilliant experience", adding: "All [the] producers, the show, everything’s been fantastic”. She described the show as “phenomenal” and “out of this world, just something you don’t get to experience in your average day life.”

Speaking about the atmosphere backstage, Sian said: "All the other contestants absolutely love them, they really encouraged them on their auditions, they’re clapping them, counting them in on their steps, taking photos with all the trolls”. Meanwhile the mum described the contestants as little celebrities” and said: “Wherever they go, everyone goes ‘We’re going to vote for you!'".

The group practice after school and on weekends -Credit:Lauren Tina
The group practice after school and on weekends -Credit:Lauren Tina

The group’s dance teacher Terry Michael said videos of the group "have gone crazy" since their audition. The group practice after school and on the weekends with TDM Stage School in Port Talbot, who have brought performances to Britain’s Got Talent previously in 2012 with acts Nu Sxool, PreSkool in 2013 and Notorious in 2023. Terry said that it “just seems that everyone really enjoys watching those little kids like that”.

In the build up to Wednesday's performance, Terry said the group have "got so much personality" and described the act as "hilarious", revealing there are spectacular new costumes and a bigger and better set for their performance to dazzle the judges. He added: "It's something that is different, and it’s fun - the children love it".

Sian added: "Their costumes are fabulous, each child’s got their own character, and it suits their personality to a T", and said they have been "non-stop training". "The choreography that they’ve got is very technical and difficult, but they’re all keeping up, they’re all just smashing it".

Sian said she hopes the group will continue with their passions and enjoy the experience, joking while the contestants are excited, the parents “are very nervous”.

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