Britain's Got Talent: Simon Cowell tells semi-finalist he is 'going to be disappointed'

None of the judges were blown away by Kevin's performance - with Simon going so far as to hit his red X buzzer
-Credit: (Image: screengrab/ITV)

A Canadian comedian hoping to win over the judges and live audience with his jokes, quips and impressions in tonight's BGT semi final unfortunately failed to live up to his laugh-out-loud first audition. Whilst Kevin Finn's first performance really showcased his talent in recreating a whole range of different British accents, his performance on Thursday's semi final didn't quite meet the mark.

Whilst the audience did laugh at several moments in Kevin's act, which saw him demonstrate differences in London accents from the posh RP to cockney, and take the mickey out of the Blackpool accent compared to the "sexy" Las Vegas accent, they seemed less enthralled than they were when he first auditioned.

Sensing this, Simon Cowell hit his red X buzzer. It was the second time he had done so on Thursday's show, after hitting it during entertainer Andrew's performance. He later explained how Kevin's semi final performance hadn't matched the hilarity or energy of his audition. For the latest TV & Showbiz news, sign up to our newsletter

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Kevin was disappointed with the judges' feedback
Kevin was disappointed with the judges' feedback -Credit:screengrab/ITV

"I'm sorry I buzzed, however - like I've said before - we feed off the audience," he said, suggesting the audience hadn't been very interested in Kevin's act. "Without being rude, the audition felt like it went on forever, it didn't start well," he added. "You're going to be disappointed when you watch this back."

Fellow judge Bruno Tonioli praised Kevin's "accent marathon" but also noted that the performance felt "a bit off," but added: "You do have a talent!" Amanda Holden told Kevin he should "be proud of yourself" even though the act wasn't as successful as last time.