Britain’s Got Talent: Vox Fortis Lose A Member

If you watched Britain’s Got Talent on Saturday (April 30), the chances are you saw male vocal group Vox Fortis blow the judges away with a moving performance of ‘We Will Stand Together’.

While the group, who were together for six months before their audition, sailed through to the next stage of the competition, they’ve now revealed that Cameron Jones decided to leave due to ‘personal reasons’.

Cameron pictured on the far left. Copyright [ITV]

Rodney Clarke, Thomas Goodridge, Julius Williams and Elias Hendricks have revealed that they will now continue as a four-piece.

Revealing the news, Thomas told The Sun: “We were a five piece before but due to his own personal reasons Cameron decided not to continue with the group and we have to respect that.”

Though losing a band member is obviously never easy, they group believe the sad news has brought them closer together, with Elias explaining: “We’re very strong, adversity and things like can bring groups together and I think that’s what it’s done to us.

Copyright [ITV]

“We are so together as a group now and I think there’s nothing we can’t do.”

Understandably, Vox Fortis were super keen to impress Simon Cowell with their audition - though they were worried he wouldn’t see their performance as he was running late.

Elias told the paper: “One of our group’s aspirations is a recording contract and we know what he’s done with artists in the past and just to have his approval of our group, our sound and our concept just means the world.”