Britain's Got Talent winner says 'you don't know me' as she reveals 'heartbreaking' abuse

Sydnie Christmas
-Credit: (Image: ITV/ (c) 2024 Shutterstock.)

Britain's Got Talent winner Sydnie Christmas has hit back at allegations that her win was rigged. Her spellbinding rendition of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" saw her wowing the audience and walking away with the hefty £250,000 cash prize, in addition to securing a spot to perform at the Royal Variety Performance later this year.

Sydnie couldn't contain her emotions after her victory on the ITV show and said to Declan Donnelly: "I don't know what to say. I cannot believe the amount of love I've felt. I am overwhelmed with love and it's the most amazing thing and I wish every person in this room feels the way I do with this love, it's amazing, thank you so much."

Following accusations that her win was a "fix", less than a week after her celebratory triumph, Sydnie took to social media to clear the air. Starting on a positive note, she said: "How do I even start to write this.

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"To my dear family and friends near and far. There is not a word out there that is big enough to describe my love, and gratitude to every single one of you who believed in me. I pray I made you proud. I'm glad I could give you all something back and something to show for, after supporting me for all these years. I'm crying. AGAIN. Gawd blimey."

Sydnie then set the record straight, adding: "Righty then...For the trolls. It's heart breaking to see. But listen up. You don't know me or the fierce back bone I have, I owe that to my supportive family and friends. I've been dealing with judgement in this industry all my life.

"YOU CANNOT TOUCH US. Because of MY AMAZING FRIENDS, FAMILY AND EVERY SUPPORTER OF MINE. you simply cannot touch us. Just love here, always has been. I hand on heart wish you keyboard warriors happiness. Its hard seeing people so angry. LOVE over powers all."

Meanwhile, head judge Simon Cowell had some words regarding claims of the show being a "fix", just moments before Sydnie was announced as the winner. He said on the night: "Winning is important, but, you know, getting into this final and importantly, doing something great, will actually make a difference."

He observed: "You know what was interesting? I worked out, I don't think a single act tonight were professionals. They all had a regular job, yeah, and they did something extraordinary."