'Britain's most tattooed woman' gets daring ink on her bum - but it has a huge downside

Becky Holt
-Credit: (Image: becky_holt__/Instagram)

Becky Holt, dubbed 'Britain's most tattooed woman', has taken her body art to new levels by inking her entire body.

The Cheshire-based 35 year old has invested approximately £35,000 into her striking tattoos that adorn every inch of her skin.

Not one to shy away from even the most sensitive areas, Becky recently took the plunge and had her backside tattooed this month.

To document the experience, she enlisted tattoo artist Tommy Hibberd and shared the process on social media, where her video, playfully captioned "cracking day", attracted over 1,400 likes on Instagram. She also offered some practical advice for those considering similar tattoos, highlighting the challenges of using the loo and wearing underwear immediately post-inking.

Becky advised: "My top tips for having this area tattooed... 1. Don't wear a string, afterwards it will rub. 2. Don't sit down. It will sting. 3. No going potty. Other than that you're good to go."

Despite being a seasoned pro with tattoos, Becky's latest endeavour left many followers in awe of her tolerance for pain, with one commenting: "Ouchhhh! ".

Others expressed their admiration, with comments such as "You are a brave woman! " and "I'm dreading the inside part I thought the cheeks were bad but I'm bracing myself for when I eventually get there."

Despite her extensive collection of tattoos, Becky has expressed reservations about adding more to her face, reports the Mirror.

She does have a few designs scattered here and there, but the majority of her cheeks remain untouched - and she intends to keep it that way for the time being!

She confessed to the Daily Star: "I'm not covering my face now. I'm done with the face."

However, the mother-of-one did add: "Who knows, when I'm older and I've run out of even more space, I might think, 'stuff it. I'm gonna get it on my face.' But there are no plans currently to get any on my face."

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