Britain's most popular and least popular cities have been revealed

York is Britain’s favourite city (Picture: Rex)
York is Britain’s favourite city (Picture: Rex)

Britain’s most popular and least popular cities have been revealed.

The nation’s favourite city is York, according to a poll carried out by YouGov.

More than 55,000 people were asked to say if they liked 57 English, Welsh and Scottish cities, and more than nine in ten (92%) said they were fans of the Yorkshire city.

The historic Viking settlement claimed the top spot ahead of Bath, which had 89%, and Edinburgh on 88%.

Chester and Durham rounded out the top five, while London was placed in a relatively low 22nd place.

Britons’ least favourite city was Bradford, which only 23% of people said they liked.

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The most liked city in Wales was St David’s with an approval rating of 74% placing it 17th overall.

Wolverhampton and Sunderland were also in the bottom three.

The least liked Scottish city was Dundee, in 45th place with 53%, while Swansea was the least popular city in Wales with the same percentage score.

YouGov also asked more than 42,000 people to rate 47 English counties.

Dorset was named the most popular, with 92% liking it, just beating Devon to second place.

Cornwall, North Yorkshire and Somerset were also in the top five.

The least favourite English counties were Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire.


1. York 92%
2. Bath 89%
3. Edinburgh 88%
4. Chester 83%
5. Durham 81%
6. Salisbury 80%
7. Truro 80%
8. Canterbury 79%
9. Wells 79%
10. Cambridge 78%
11. Winchester 78%
12. Oxford 78%
13. Inverness 78%
14. Lincoln 77%
15. Exeter 76%
16. Stoke-on-Trent 75%
17. St David’s 74%
18. Brighton & Hove 74%
19. Worcester 73%
20. Chichester 73%

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