Britain’s wind farms ‘at a standstill’ as wind disappears for seven days

Rob Waugh
UK wind farms generated 15% of electricity last year (Picture Getty)

Britain’s wind turbines have stopped spinning and wind farms are at a standstill as calm conditions have cut wind power to a trickle.

A series of high-pressure areas have meant that the UK has seen unusually low wind conditions, the Met Office said.

It’s meant that wind turbines have generated less than 2% of Britain’s electricity this month, Mail Online reported.

Last year, Britain generated 15% of its power from wind, twice as much as from coal.


The Met Office said, ‘The reason winds are light at the moment is because of several high pressure systems over the UK.

‘With a clockwise air current, the weather tends to be much calmer than when it is moving in an anticlockwise direction in a low pressure system.

‘Recently, we have experienced a preponderance of high pressure systems, but it’s not been constant.’