Britain's winter of discontent? Strikes, shortages and Brexit create perfect storm

The UK is in the grip of a new winter of discontent. Strikes are taking place this Thursday across the board. Rail workers continue their rolling dispute that has stopped train services; they are calling for a better wage and conditions package. Health workers are striking over similar issues. Stories of nurses turning to food banks to feed their families are not anecdotal. Hospitals are reporting being overwhelmed by the combination of a staff shortage and the Covid-19 pandemic. Also out on strike this Thursday are driving instructors, rural finance adjudicators and London bus workers.

Two years almost to the day after Brexit was enacted, the promise of a better Britain with, as Boris Johnson boasted, an "oven-ready deal", is clearly not the case. A poll in December said 51 percent of those asked thought leaving was a bad thing; only 38 percent said it was still a good idea.

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