British Airways slammed as ‘worst ever’ and passengers ‘waiting months’ for refunds, what has Lily Allen said?

British Airways branded ‘worst ever’ as Lily Allen criticses airline. (Photo: Getty Images)
British Airways branded ‘worst ever’ as Lily Allen criticses airline. (Photo: Getty Images)

Pop singer Lily Allen has slammed British Airways saying she is “actually astonished” at “how bad” the airline is.

Allen took to the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, to share her frustrations with the airline adding that “nothing works on the website”.

She posted on Friday (22 Setember): “Actually astonished at how bad @British_Airways has got. Literally nothing works on the website, nothing. It’s so sad, because all the public facing people at airports and on planes are so lovely.

“Whoever ran this once brilliant company into the ground is not very good at their job.”

Allen then posted a photo of a conversation she had with British Airways on X with the caption “Thanks for all your help Chris R” as it showed a response from the airline’s social media chatbot.

Her posts have caused other customers of British Airways to also share their annoyance with the airline.

Many called the airline’s website the “worst ever” and described how the app “doesn’t work”.

A user called EE posted on X: “They are the worst. App doesn’t work, every flight we have been on this summer horrible delayed.”

Sandra Ryan Jap said: “Will confirm from my last experience.. booking online and website experience not working* glitchy and inconsistent and lots of tabs not working.

“Worst website ever! Flights delayed out /back and they couldn’t care less. On board service awful. Rang bell several times no answer!!!”

A user named Jane shared how she tried to book flights online with the airline “a few weeks ago” but “got thrown out several times, told seats had gone”.

She said the flights “then reappeared” and she finally got to pay but it “crashed again.”

She added: “I went to another airline at that point and it was nearly half the price. I won’t bother again.”

Other customers explained how they have been waiting months to receive a refund from British Airways after their flights were cancelled.

Samantha Roberts posted on X that she has been waiting two months for British Airways to redress her “claim regarding a flight cancelled on the day of departure.”

Aisha Josiah shared on the social media platform that she is still waiting on a refund from her cancelled flight in June.

She said: “I’m still waiting on a refund for a @British_Airways flight cancelled without warning back in June. If you look at BA’s feed, loads of other customers have been waiting a year or more.

“When does this become illegal?”

Passengers’ frustrations with the airline comes after it has cancelled dozens of flights from Heathrow Airport over the last few days to “high winds”. Flights to popular destinations including Budapest, Stockholm and Faro have all been affected.

NationalWorld has contacted British Airways for comment.