British children discovered in hot car in Tenerife

Two the children were found inside the car, with the father nowhere to be seen
-Credit: (Image: Arona Local Police)

Two young girls, one of them an infant, have been rescued after being discovered in a reportedly "abandoned" car in Tenerife. According to information from the local police force in Arona, a concerned resident near Las Galletas found a white Volkswagen Polo rental vehicle idled under the heat of the sun - and alarmingly, it was located merely an hour away from where authorities are searching for missing British teenager Jay Slater.

The good samaritan, a 34-year-old woman, noticed two children trapped inside the closed-car on her closer inspection. She later relayed that their father had left them in the car while he visited a nearby shopping centre for a haircut.

Despite them being able to unlock the vehicle doors from the inside, the kids did not leave, according to reporting by Daily Star. Emergency services were directed towards the scene after the woman's phone call.

Two the children were found inside the car, with the father nowhere to be seen
-Credit:Arona Local Police

Police used documents retrieved from within the vehicle and a bag containing juices and yoghurts to try to identify the girls' father within the shopping centre - they managed to gain access to the auto with the permission of the girls. A man aged 38 was questioned by officials but initially denied any connection to the children.

However, following instructions from the Juvenile Prosecutor's Office, the girls were relocated to the Nuestra Senora de la Paz Maternal Centre situated in La Laguna. Notably, the aforementioned man eventually confessed to owning the car but swiftly departed from the location, reports the Daily Record.

Another man, thought to be a 35-year-old Polish national, turned up later claiming to be a friend of the girls' father. After an investigation by the police, it was confirmed that a 27-year-old British woman was the mother of the girls and they were returned to her.

The 38-year-old man is still on the run with a warrant out for his arrest.