British destroyer involved in disputed incident off Crimea, arrives in Georgia

HMS Defender, the British destroyer that angered Russia when it sailed in waters off Crimea, arrived in the port of Batumi, Georgia, on Saturdy 26 June. One of the UK’s most powerful naval ships, the ship was involved in an incident off the coast of Crimea last week about which the UK and Russian governments disagree. Russia claimed warning shots were fired at HMS Defender, from a ship and an aircraft, in its waters near Cape Fiolent. The UK said that did not happen and that it was conducting so-called ‘innocent passage’ through Ukrainian waters at the time. The British Embassy in Georgia releases a statement on its Facebook page: "We are pleased to host one of the most powerful destroyers of the British Navy, HMS Defender, in Batumi. The United Kingdom continues to work with partners and allies to ensure security in the Black Sea region."

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