British Grand Prix LIVE! Sainz wins, Hamilton on podium - F1 race result and latest news today

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British Grand Prix LIVE! Sainz wins, Hamilton on podium - F1 race result and latest news today
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British Grand Prix LIVE!

Carlos Sainz won a wild and wacky British Grand Prix which saw Zhou Guanyu survive a horror opening-lap crash and protestors invade the track at Silverstone. Sainz fought his way past Ferrari team-mate Charles Leclerc in a brilliant 10-lap shootout to the chequered flag following a safety car period to claim his maiden Formula One win.

Sergio Perez finished second, with Lewis Hamilton third after he forced his way around Leclerc with four laps of the 52 laps remaining. Sainz, Perez and Hamilton all took on fresh tyres ahead of the safety car re-start, but Ferrari left Leclerc out on old rubber and the championship challenger was left in no man's land, dropping from first to fourth, and dealing his title hopes a blow on a day where Max Verstappen limped home in seventh after he sustained a puncture and damage to his Red Bull bodywork.

A record crowd of 142,000 fans in Northamptonshire were treated to the race of the season which started in extraordinary fashion.

British Grand Prix updates

  • LIGHTS OUT & RED FLAG! Zhou out in big crash

  • RESTART! Sainz holds lead in thriller

  • PUNCTURE! Verstappen loses lead

  • PIT STOP! Hamilton with slow stop from first

  • SAFETY CAR! Ocon pulls over late on

  • CHEQUERED FLAG! Sainz wins first F1 GP

Thanks for joining us!

18:20 , Marc Mayo

That was a race that had everything - shock, relief, drama, chaos, thrills and spills!

We’ll be back in a week’s time for the Austrian Grand Prix at Red Bull Ring.

Recap today’s race at Silverstone with Matt’s report.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

That shocking Zhou crash in full

18:17 , Marc Mayo

Toto Wolff looks to the future

18:13 , Marc Mayo

“We just want to win races, that would be great, and be there fighting. That would be a target so we have a car we can work with.”

Lewis Hamilton speaks to Sky Sports

18:09 , Marc Mayo

“A bunch of things went against us but I was doing good times, I had a really good long stint and I thought maybe we can fight for the win here. But the pit stop was not very quick and at the end I struggled with [tyre] warm-up. It was so tough today.”

Lando Norris gives his reaction

18:06 , Marc Mayo

“We had to make the call [under the safety car] and made the worst possible call. So we just made the right decision but too late, it’s a shame it cost us.”

Final classification

17:57 , Marc Mayo

Big love from Seb Vettel for Mick Schumacher after his first F1 points

17:51 , Marc Mayo

Recap the chaotic fight for second

17:46 , Marc Mayo

Charles Leclerc gives his reaction

17:45 , Marc Mayo

“I had old Hard tyres so I was struggling massively, I gave my absolute best. But yeah it wasn’t enough and it was disappointing. We’ll have to look at the global picture, on my side I only have my side of the race but I don’t have the full picture. I feel I lost time and this is my view but it might change once I see the full picture.”

17:36 , Marc Mayo

On the podium, Sainz is draped in the Spanish flag with a huge smile on his face for the Spanish and Italian anthems.

Watching together from below after Perez Snr. and Hamilton Snr., who give each other a warm pat on the back.

A marshal will also be rewarded following today’s earlier crash.

Lewis Hamilton gives his take on the race

17:31 , Marc Mayo

“I have to give it up to this crowd, thank you to everybody. We don’t see this anywhere around the world, it is the greatest. I gave it everything today, congratulations to Carlos but they were just too quick for us. I was in amongst it with Checo but they were too quick down the straights.”

Sergio Perez up next

17:30 , Marc Mayo

“It was a great fight with Charles then with Lewis, I thought I had it but it was an epic fight.”

Carlos Sainz reacts

17:28 , Marc Mayo

“I don’t know what to say. I can’t ask for more. Lewis was on it today, but we managed to hold on and we’re very happy.”

17:26 , Marc Mayo

Great to see Zhou back in the paddock after being discharged from the medical centre, Albon is also reportedly back at the track.

17:26 , Marc Mayo

No stewards’ punishment for Perez, to close that one off.

17:25 , Marc Mayo

17:22 , Marc Mayo

Verstappen just holds off Schumacher for seventh place. A first points finish for the German.

And Hamilton nabs the fastest lap.

Chequered flag!

17:21 , Marc Mayo

SAINZ WINS... and Hamilton is on the podium!

What a mad race. Breathless, dramatic, chaotic. All of the above!

Final lap!

17:20 , Marc Mayo

Alonso is chasing Leclerc for fourth and Schumacher is on Verstappen’s tail for seventh. What scenes!

17:19 , Marc Mayo

No mad dash for second place from Hamilton, who has dropped to 2.8-seconds off Perez. And Sainz has built out a 3.7-second lead at the front.

The Mexican is under investigation by the stewards, mind. Watch this space on that one.

17:17 , Marc Mayo

Lap 50/52: Meanwhile, Schumacher is fighting to nab seventh place off Verstappen...

Vettel and Magnussen complete the points places at the moment.

17:16 , Marc Mayo

Perez is 2.6-seconds off Sainz with a 1.3-second lead over Hamilton.

Who fancies predicting the winner?

17:15 , Marc Mayo

Hamilton takes third place momentarily, after Leclerc runs wide into Luffield but the Ferrari bites back into Copse and he holds his nerve to retake the podium place...

Not for long though as Hamilton’s Mercedes screams past down the Hangar Straight!

17:13 , Marc Mayo

Lap 48/52: Perez puts just over a second on Leclerc, who has Hamilton back on his bumper. Into Stowe, his move down the outside is rebuffed, before holding the line nicely through the chicane.

17:12 , Marc Mayo

Did Perez gain an advantage leaving the track in that mayhem? Stewards note it.

Still five laps to go!

17:11 , Marc Mayo

Off the first turn and Perez forces Hamilton wide... he’s back to fourth!

Leclerc comes into third and guess who fancies it... Alonso is on the rear of Hamilton!

17:09 , Marc Mayo

Sainz is almost 2.5-seconds ahead of Leclerc, can he hold up the raging Red Bull and Mercedes behind him to secure his teammate a maiden F1 victory?

Through Copse again it is Perez with the pace and his DRS opens a door down the inside and their scuffle lets Hamilton through!

17:07 , Marc Mayo

Lap 44/52: Perez can win this race...

Leclerc is next in his crosshairs but Hamilton is now back on the pace after a difficult restart.

Into Copse he has a look around the outside and down the Hangar Straight, with DRS not yet enabled, Perez is the man under pressure. Breathless stuff!

Green light!

17:06 , Marc Mayo

Ferrari ask Sainz to give Leclerc “breathing space” for the restart but he isn’t happy about it, and Hamilton is under pressure from Perez off the restart!

Both moves are done! Sainz overtakes Leclerc and Perez overtakes Hamilton!

17:02 , Marc Mayo

Norris eventually comes in and returns to the track sixth, just behind Alonso.

Safety car in this lap.

17:00 , Marc Mayo

Lap 40/52: “Guys, you sure this is the right tyre?” Hamilton asks. Mercedes are happy with it, holding third position.

Perez earns a cheap stop to maintain fourth to ease a bad day for Red Bull. Leclerc and Norris stay out on Hards with basically everyone else coming in for Softs.

“That’s gonna be hard,” says Leclerc over team radio. He will have to defend first on older, slower tyres!

Safety car!

16:57 , Marc Mayo

And just like that, Ocon has a major issure and is crawling through Copse. Can he make it back to the pits or will he stop on track, causing some kind of safety car?

He stops on the straights! Safety car is called out.

In come Sainz and Hamilton for Soft tyres.

Matt Majendie at Silverstone

16:54 , Marc Mayo

Bizarre to see Max Verstappen in a battle for eighth place and a battle he actually loses - Esteban Ocon breathing down his neck and then past.

Meanwhile, good news for Lewis Hamilton that Carlos Sainz has been told to do a bit of fuel saving. That’ll slow him and help Hamilton past.

16:53 , Marc Mayo

A couple of fastest laps from Leclerc opens up a 3-second gap on Sainz, who is told to save fuel with Hamilton three seconds further back.

Meanwhile, a big cheer goes up at the sight of Ocon taking eighth place off the labouring Verstappen.

16:51 , Marc Mayo

Lap 36/52: Let’s mop up the midfield news as Norris pits from fourth and comes out behind Perez, who has risen from the depths after a very early pit stop but will have to pit again.

Alonso is sixth ahead of Vettel, with Verstappen holding eighth amid pressure from Ocon.

Schumacher is on for his first F1 point in tenth having jumped Latifi, who has also fallen behind Magnussen in the other Haas.

16:48 , Marc Mayo

“I can’t maintain this pace forever” Hamilton tells Mercedes and he pits.

It’s the Hards and a slow stop holds him up for a second or so longer than needed... Leclerc and Sainz breeze past to lead the race once more.

16:46 , Marc Mayo

Leclerc is 18.6 seconds off Hamilton with around 19 needed for a pit stop. Watch that gap as Mercedes keep him out for at least another lap.

Remember, he will need to use a different compound of tyre after pitting. That will mean the difficult-to-warm-up Hards or maybe even a late dash on the Softs.

16:44 , Marc Mayo

Lap 32/52: Leclerc has a cheeky little look into Stowe as Sainz is told to pick up the pace or have to swap positions.

Down the Wellington Straight they make the change and Leclerc leads the race.

Matt Majendie at Silverstone

16:41 , Marc Mayo

Will be interesting to see if Ferrari need to wave Leclerc past Sainz. He’s clearly far quicker so might do it of his own volition.

“Are we fighting?” Leclerc asks team radio and he is told “free to fight”.

16:40 , Marc Mayo

Lap 29/52: Leclerc and Sainz are showing the Hards need a lap to get into the window, although Verstappen is continually struggling on his tyres back in eighth.

Hamilton is 18.1 seconds clear of the Spaniard and may need to come in soon to pull off an overcut.

16:35 , Marc Mayo

Right then, Hamilton has DRS on Leclerc and is the fastest man on track. Get that popcorn at the ready...

Or not! Leclerc pits and Hamilton leads with the Ferrari strapping on Hard tyres to go to the end. He comes out behind Sainz, too.

This is the first lap led by the Brit since Abu Dhabi.

16:33 , Marc Mayo

Lap 25/52: Approaching half distance and Hamilton is drawing Leclerc right into view, as Ferrari tell the Monaco-born driver to give it “full push”.

Meanwhile, Verstappen is pitting again for Hard tyres. He comes out into seventh and finds Vettel on his tail, the Aston Martin pulling off a quick move and leaving him in his dust... Ominous for the Red Bull!

16:29 , Marc Mayo

Bottas retires from inside the points for Alfa Romeo - what a nightmare day for them.

Perez is now back in the points after Latifi pitted. A bit of a jumbled order now with only a few drivers having come in.

Matt Majendie at Silverstone

16:28 , Marc Mayo

Lewis Hamilton is doing lap after fastest lap at the moment. He’s now within three seconds of the second Ferrari. From a car that was undriveable for parts of the last weekend in Montreal it is a remarkable turnaround in form and fortunes.

Can he really get himself in contention for a ninth British Grand Prix victory? Ferrari’s inter-team fighting has certainly helped their cause.

16:28 , Marc Mayo

Lap 21/52: Hamilton is down to just 3.2 seconds off the Ferraris and the Scuderia pit Sainz, unleashing Leclerc.

On go the Hards for a one-stopper, a clean getaway for the Spaniard.

16:25 , Marc Mayo

Verstappen is 8.3-seconds off fifth-placed Alonso and is LOSING time on the Alpine.

He may have Ocon and Latifi, yes Latifi is running eighth, bothering him soon. Bottas and Ricciardo complete the top ten.

16:22 , Marc Mayo

“What do I need to do, I’m f****** up my race?” asks Leclerc with his Ferrari clearly quicker than pole-sitter Sainz, who is yet to win an F1 GP on his 150th race weekend.

16:20 , Marc Mayo

Well, well, well...

Hamilton is slowly dragging the Ferrari pair towards him with a fastest lap and is now only 4.3-seconds off Leclerc.

He couldn’t, could he?

Matt Majendie at Silverstone

16:20 , Marc Mayo

Verstappen doesn’t have the best of fortunes at Silverstone of late. Last year it was a 51G crash. This time he says the car is “100% broken”.

His team tell him otherwise and that he’s good to carry on. Doesn’t sound like he’ll be in the mix for a podium place today. Will be interesting to see what the performance loss will be.

16:18 , Marc Mayo

Verstappen is sixth after that pit-stop and is still concerned about damage as he gets going with fresh Mediums.

“The car is 100 per cent broken,” he claims.

“Bodywork damage, loss of rear, not critical,” Red Bull confirm. Well then...

16:15 , Marc Mayo

Lap 13/52: Leclerc has asked Ferrari to swap him around with Sainz to allow him a run at Verstappen.

But the Red Bull has an issue! Sainz breezes past with ease!

It’s a puncture! He ran over something on the track!

Matt Majendie at Silverstone

16:13 , Marc Mayo

Unlike Albon, no hospital trip for Zhou. In a statement, Alfa Romeo have said: “Zhou Guanyu underwent checks in the medical centre. There were no major injuries. He remains under observation in the medical centre.”

Good news after that horror crash.

Verstappen into the lead!

16:12 , Marc Mayo

Sainz runs wide at the start of the Hangar Straight and Verstappen makes hay to lead the race!

16:10 , Marc Mayo

Lap 9/52: Verstappen claws back to within a second of Sainz, now on the Mediums after getting a free swap under the red flag.

Leclerc is 1.6-seconds behind the Dutchman with a 5.6-second advantage over Hamilton - but he does have damage.

“He’s a bit quicker,” a worried Sainz tells team radio.

Matt Majendie at Silverstone

16:08 , Marc Mayo

Great roar goes up which rings around Silverstone as Lewis Hamilton gets past Lando Norris. Will be interesting to see what sort of race pace Hamilton has now he’s in clean air.

Interestingly Norris had said before the race he had no chance of matching the two Mercedes. He managed to do it for a few laps but just that.

16:05 , Marc Mayo

HUGE ROAR from Silverstone for Hamilton taking fourth off Norris with DRS assistance down the back straight.

Can he catch up Leclerc now?

16:04 , Marc Mayo

Lap 5/52: Right, over an hour after we started this race, we have a proper race on our hands.

Hamilton is having a big go at Norris for fifth as Perez in fourth dives into the pits. Further up, Ferrari confirm Leclerc has some damage.

Stewards confirm no investigation for the opening-lap scuffles.

16:02 , Marc Mayo

What a thrilling first lap that was!

Perez has damage to his front-wing but holds fourth with Norris behind and Hamilton dropping to sixth - he had gone third in the first first lap.

Verstappen is over a second off Sainz after Leclerc’s daring move off the Wellington Straight, something goes Ferrari’s way for once!


16:00 , Marc Mayo

Sainz much better on Verstappen and holds the lead!

Perez and Leclerc make contact heading into the Loop but nothing serious....

And Leclerc has a go on Verstappen - almost taking second!

Just Stop Oil claim responsibility for protest

15:59 , Marc Mayo

Back to the track!

15:56 , Marc Mayo

Right then, let’s go racing.

This image of Zhou Guanyu’s crash... Wow.

15:55 , Marc Mayo

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Note: We only share these images because Zhou, as has been confirmed, is okay.

Matt Majendie at Silverstone

15:52 , Marc Mayo

Williams have said that Alex Albon has been flown by helicopter to Coventry Hospital for precautionary checks. They’ve said they’ll provide updates once he’s assessed.

15:52 , Marc Mayo

Russell already up on Sky Sports, unhappy about losing his place in the race having jumped out of the car to help with Zhou.

He says his low grip off the start on the Hards led to him being “swamped” by other cars before being tapped into Zhou.

15:50 , Marc Mayo

Restart at 3.56pm

15:46 , Marc Mayo

Confirmation that Russell cannot restart having received “mechanical assistance” to get his Mercedes going after slamming into the side of Zhou’s car, having been tagged from behind.

Matt Majendie at Silverstone

15:45 , Marc Mayo

Watching that Zhou Guanyu accident back, it’s amazing to think no one was more seriously hurt, the marshals just behind the barriers in particular.

And similarly one assumes a lucky escape for the protestors on the track too that the race was red flagged and no cars were racing around at that point.

Absolute mayhem. We’ll have some racing pretty soon, about five minutes apparently.


Replay: The horror Zhou crash

15:40 , Marc Mayo

15:38 , Marc Mayo

No restart time yet as the starting order is confirmed, back to the original grid positions.

Protest at the track

15:32 , Marc Mayo

In a statement, Formula 1 said: “We can confirm that after the red flag, several people attempted to enter the track. These people were immediately removed and the matter is now being dealt with by the local authorities.”

Matt Majendie at Silverstone

15:28 , Marc Mayo

The race will restart with Carlos Sainz on pole, Max Verstappen second, Charles Leclerc third, Sergio Perez fourth and the Mercedes of Lewis Hamilton rounding off the top five, as they were at the original start.

15:20 , Marc Mayo

We now have a wait while the marshals attempt to remove the car from in between the tyre wall and fence.

Zhou is okay

15:15 , Marc Mayo

The Chinese driver is out of the car and moving, taken away in an ambulance on a stretcher.

15:13 , Marc Mayo

Images online suggest Zhou’s car ended up between the fence and the tyre barrier. He is still in the car, Sky confirm.

A replay from Russell’s car shows him getting tagged from behind, then hitting Zhou’s rear-left, sending him over.

Stewards deem no further investigation for the crash

15:11 , Marc Mayo

15:08 , Marc Mayo

At the start, Verstappen took the lead convincingly with Sainz now second.

Hamilton is up to third, ahead of Leclerc and Perez dropped all the way back to sixth - behind Alonso even.

Norris sits seventh with Latifi eighth, Bottas and Ricciardo completing the top ten.

15:07 , Marc Mayo

Tsunoda and Ocon do limp back to the pits and it is Zhou who hit the barriers.

Russell’s car is missing its rear-left tyre as he inspects the damage.


15:04 , Marc Mayo

Russell is out, Tsunoda is badly damaged, Ocon too. Albon is out. And a car, not yet confirmed, went into the barriers upside down. Maybe Zhou.


15:03 , Marc Mayo

Stroll is the last man to form up the grid and the lights turn on and off...

Verstappen takes the lead! And we have a car upside down!

Formation lap begins!

15:01 , Marc Mayo

Leclerc DOES start after an electronic issue on his Ferrari.

Verstappen gets a bit of a hasty jump for the formation lap with Mediums the tyre du jour off the start. Verstappen is on the Softs though and Russell will go with the Hards from eighth.

Strategy: It’s a toss-up between the one and two stopper today

14:57 , Marc Mayo

Matt Majendie at Silverstone

14:53 , Marc Mayo

A late panic at Ferrari as they appear to make a change on Charles Leclerc’s car. There must be concerns of another DNF, which have blighted their season.

That said, it’s been a good day for the Leclerc family already at Silverstone. His younger brother Arthur won the earlier F3 race.

The Red Arrows fly overhead after the anthem

14:50 , Marc Mayo

Max Verstappen previews his race

14:46 , Marc Mayo

“You never know how quick Mercedes will be but first we have to focus on ourselves, get good tyre degradation.”

Weather latest

14:44 , Marc Mayo

The rain appears to have passed over now with the national anthem starting, by Sam Ryder, in dry but slightly blustery conditions.

Alex Albon interview

14:41 , Marc Mayo

Matt sat down with Williams driver Alex Albon ahead of the weekend for an exclusive chat.

“Silverstone’s really where it started for me,” said the Williams driver.

“After those early moments, I didn’t actually drive it that much until F3 but it’s an amazing circuit.”

Read the full story.

Carlos Sainz lays out his plan off pole position

14:38 , Marc Mayo

14:34 , Marc Mayo

Matt Majendie at Silverstone

14:30 , Marc Mayo

This race feels like it’s pivotal in the world championship battle.

Recent weekends have been dominated by Red Bull despite the Ferrari’s apparent one-lap pace. Ferrari now have seven pole positions this season - six to Charles Leclerc and Sainz’s one for this race - but just the two race wins to show for it.

Pit lane is open!

14:27 , Marc Mayo

Time for the drivers to head across the track for the first time today and set up on the grid.

Celeb watch!

14:22 , Marc Mayo

Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto previews the race

14:19 , Marc Mayo

“The most important day is today, not yesterday. It’s a big challenge because the competitors, both Red Bull and Mercedes, are very strong. Reliability is a concern, but at a race weekend there is nothing we can do about it so we must stay focused. Strategy will be very very difficult, because of the weather conditions and the fight will be very very close.”

It’s raining at Silverstone!

14:14 , Marc Mayo

Excellent, some rain at Silverstone. They say this place has it's own micro climate and so it proves, the forecast going from a 10 per cent chance of rain last night to 60 per cent this morning. Hopefully there's enough of it to spice up the race, Matt Majendie reports...

14:11 , Marc Mayo

Christian Horner has addressed Silverstone fans booing Max Verstappen - something Lewis Hamilton has called on them not to do.

“Of course, Lewis is going to have huge support here," he said on Friday.

“Next weekend is another home race for us in Austria and I am sure we are going to have huge support with 30,000 Dutch fans there so that is sport. That is competition.

“It is never nice to hear boos for any driver and it is unusual for a British GP crowd to do that because they usually appreciate all drivers but, you know what, it is something he accepts.

“Lewis is their favourite driver here, I have no issue with that.”

An extra ‘classic’ drivers’ parade

14:06 , Marc Mayo


Matt Majendie at Silverstone

14:02 , Marc Mayo

For Eurovision fans, this year’s runner-up for the UK, Sam Ryder, is in the paddock but with a job to do. He’ll be belting out the national anthem at the very specific time of 2.44pm today just before the race gets under way.

Hard not to love this response to qualifying yesterday

13:57 , Marc Mayo

Lewis Hamilton rallies the fans

13:51 , Marc Mayo

13:47 , Marc Mayo

Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto admitted yesterday that he has “no idea” on what the best strategy might be.

He stated: “It seems that in the dry this morning, Max [Verstappen] was very fast and very competitive. We are a bit behind, showing that out here.

“It’s very difficult and tomorrow’s race can be a different picture to the qualy, but still coming here in Silverstone is such a difficult weather condition, difficult track, being P1 and P3 is a great result showing that overall the team, the drivers and the car can be competitive and now stay focused on the race tomorrow.

“Strategy: one, two, three stops, no idea. Which tyres to choose, no idea again. I think there can be different scenarios out there, and tyre management we know here, front left [is] always an issue for the amount of energy.”

Cheeky from Lewis Hamilton!

13:43 , Marc Mayo

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