British intelligence points to corruption as significant problem for Russian military

The occupiers
The occupiers

British intelligence has suggested that corruption is likely one of the key factors that has significantly weakened the Russian military in the ongoing war, according to a report by the British Ministry of Defense published on X (Twitter) on Feb. 2.

It cites an article from the Russian newspaper Verstka regarding corruption in the Russian army. The study investigates corruption schemes and a system of bribes among Russian soldiers and their commanders.

Such bribes are demanded and paid for various "services" like: vacation time, physical fitness certification, military ranks, driver's licenses, avoidance of disciplinary sanctions for using smartphones or being drunk, etc.

The article also notes that, after Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the range of such "services" has expanded. Now military personnel can receive certificates of injury, awards for participation in combat operations, and avoidance of being sent on a combat mission in exchange for a bribe.

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Prices range from 40 thousand rubles ($440) for avoiding deployment to the front line to 1 million rubles ($11000) for a certificate of injury.

Intelligence experts noted that corruption has long been a problem in the Russian armed forces, but there is little chance that progress will be made in combating it.

In October, the Russian publications Vazhnye Istori and Conflict Intelligence Team published a story stating that torture pits for rule violators were discovered at Russian military training grounds. Russian soldiers were sent there for drinking, using cell phones, or refusing to fight.

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