All the reasons British men aren't romantic, according to a French dating expert

Clementine LaLonde is not a fan of how British men date. [Photo: Pickable]
Clementine LaLonde is not a fan of how British men date. [Photo: Pickable]

A French woman has criticised British men, saying they don’t make any “effort” while dating.

“Brit men just spend too much time at pubs,” dating expert Clementine LaLonde, 36, tells Yahoo UK.

“And as if it is not enough, they bring their dates to the pub as well.

“Guys, seriously? Going to a pub is not a date. Put some effort in and plan a proper date!"

British blokes don’t fare any better once they’re coupled up, according to LaLonde, the founder of “slow dating” app Pickable.

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"They think acts like buying lingerie is romantic,” she adds.

“I'm not saying that it's a bad thing to do, we love lingerie as much as them but I feel like they underestimate the value of small gestures.”

For those with a vested interest in wanting to improve their dating game, LaLonde has some simple advice.

“[Men] don't need to spend loads of money to make a woman happy. A surprise note without a reason, a complimenting text out of the blue, even a compilation playlist can make us happy,” she says.

“Show your partner that you're really into her, that you really care about her. That's the true romance."

However, when it comes to the challenge of dating, mismatched expectations can be a recipe for disaster.

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Earlier this year, one woman took to Twitter after a dinner date called her 'disrespectful' for not texting him after he paid, despite the fact he didn’t contact her either.

In another harrowing incident, a woman received an almost unbelievable set of ‘tips’ from a guy she met through Tinder – three months after their ‘disaster date’.

And they say romance is dead.