British people are coping with Storm Aileen the only way we know how

Storm Aileen causes trouble around the UK (Twitter / @Bean_Hater)
Storm Aileen causes trouble around the UK (Twitter / @Bean_Hater)

If there’s one thing British people know how to talk about, it’s the weather. It being either too hot (rare) or too cold (common) gives us plenty to talk about, so imagine the surprise that shook Britain last night as Storm Aileen took hold.

With winds reaching up to 83mph in certain parts of the UK, there was nothing left to do other than take cover and wait for it to pass.

Weather warnings were issued and those travelling long distances were urged to consider staying inside.

So, with the majority of the population taking cover in their homes, the people of the UK took to Twitter to share their concerns.

While some were genuinely concerned about the fate of their wheelie bins, others were quick to focus on the relatively minor effects of the storm, especially in comparison to other parts of the world.

Luckily, the Met Office predicts the storm will gradually fade over the next few days, bringing the country back to normality.


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