British public say journalists valuable in cost of living crisis

Journalism helps public understand what’s going on, poll finds  (PA)
Journalism helps public understand what’s going on, poll finds (PA)

The majority of the British public believes journalists play a valuable role in helping people through the cost of living crisis, a new poll has found.

A survey of 2,000 adults by OnePoll also found that 36 per cent of people believe journalism is more important now than before the crisis started.

Many respondents said news reports maintain pressure on big businesses to keep costs down because without them people would be unaware of what competition was available.

Local and national journalists are playing “different but equally valuable roles” for their readers, according to 55 per cent of those polled by Newsworks for Journalism Matters.

Three-quarters of all respondents said advertisers should be investing more or the same in trusted journalism so they can continue to cover important issues.

Jo Allan, Newsworks CEO, said: “This research demonstrates the significant role journalism plays in people’s lives, which is especially vital in these incredibly difficult times.

“Trusted journalism helps provide people with a clear understanding of what is going on in the world, and how it affects them day-to-day. Quality journalism also offers vital information and advice while challenging the powerful by scrutinising every decision made.

“And given the current global economic backdrop and political chaos here in the UK the role of journalists couldn’t be more vital right now.”

Journalism Matters champions the role that news plays in British democracy. Each year it holds the Making a Difference award for the best news media campaign of the past year. Voting in the award ends on Thursday.