British Soccer Player and Sports Presenter Shows Off Juggling Skills With Roll of Toilet Paper

Liv Cooke, a world champion freestyle soccer player, showed off her skills by juggling a roll of toilet paper 30 times in a row in video posted March 20 as part of a coronavirus quarantine challenge.

Cooke, who is also a BBC Sport presenter, has been posting videos of her “Stay at Home Challenge,” which involves juggling a roll of toilet paper with her feet, similar to the move she frequently does with a soccer ball in her professional role.

Cooke was responding to Twitter users who said they doubted how many kicks she could do when she set a goal of 30 for herself.

In her post that accompanied the video, she said: “This is to those that doubted me. Here’s 30 first try!! Queen of this stuff.” Credit: Liv Cooke via Storyful