Britney Spears booed after mistaking Blackpool for Birmingham

Laura Hannam
Britney Spears (REX/Shutterstock)

Britney Spears made a massive gaffe this Saturday during her Blackpool leg of her ‘Piece of Me’ European tour.

Addressing the crowd she shouted, “How you feeling Birmingham… I mean Blackpool!”

The crowd immediately unimpressed, erupted with a mixture of boos and laughter.

Spears, 36, has been touring Europe since beginning of August, with many of the concerts featuring rapper Pitbull as the opening act.

This isn’t the first time Spears has seemingly forgotten where she is, as at Brighton’s much-hyped August Pride performance, she was caught asking her backup dancer where she was.

After a moment of confusion she beamed, “What’s up Brighton pride!”

She’s also had a bit of difficulty pronouncing participating audience members names. As part of the show, Spears asks a fan to come on stage and be walked by her on a dog lead as part of her ‘Freakshow’ performance.

At the end of her Glasgow performance, she reportedly said ‘Give it up for Urine!’ when the participating audience member’s name was in fact Ewan.

She also appeared to rename Rylan-Neal Clark ‘Riley’ when he joined her during her ‘Freakshow’ performance at London’s O2.

Spears tour returns to North America in October with a performance in Austin, Texas October 21.

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