Britney Spears' childhood home for sale

Britney Spears' childhood home is up for sale.

The 'Toxic' singer was born in Kentwood, Louisiana, and the three-bedroom, three-bathroom house she grew up in is back on the market for $1.2 million - less than three years since her estranged father Jamie Spears sold it for just $289,000- and the abode still has some of its original furnishings and signs of its famous former inhabitant.

Pictures obtained by TMZ shows some of Britney's framed drawings, including one of a house with her name at the top in bright yellow letters, and another which says 'Jesus Loves Me', are part of the sale, as is a mini-shrine to NSYNC, and there's an apparent diss to the 'Gimme More' hitmaker's chart rival and fellow former 'All-New Mickey Mouse Club' star Christina Aguilera daubed on a door, as writing reads: "Christina sucks, Brit rules".

There's also a message preserved in concrete which reads: "Love Britney".

The property boasts 2,299 square foot of living space on 1.87 acres of land and even still contains the dance studio where a young Britney honed her skills.

Sources told TMZ the seller was ready for something new and the timing of the listing has nothing to do with the release of Britney's autobiography, 'The Woman in Me' last month.

In her book, Britney recalled how she felt like a "ghost child" to her parents while her younger sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, "ruled the roost".

She wrote: "I can remember walking into the room and feeling like no one even saw me. Jamie Lynn only saw the TV. My mother, who at one time had been the person I was closest to in the world, was on another planet."

And the 'Sometimes' singer - who claimed to be smoking and drinking alcohol when she was just 13 years old - felt "nothing was ever good enough" for her father, leaving her in a "soul-crushing state of being for a child".

She added: "The saddest part to me was that what I always wanted was a dad who would love me as I was - somebody who would say 'I just love you. You could do anything right now. I'd still love you with unconditional love.'"