Britney Spears finally reveals secret reason she ‘went along’ with her controversial conservatorship

Britney Spears initially “went along” with her controversial conservatorship to hold on to her children.

The ‘Toxic’ singer, 41, who has sons Sean, 18, and Jayden, 17, with her ex-husband Kevin Federline, 45, temporarily lost custody of them in 2008 after a series of public breakdowns following her divorce from her former backup dancer partner and then had her life and finances placed under the control of her dad Jamie Spears, now 71.

Britney says in her memoir ‘The Woman in Me’, which is coming out on Tuesday (24.10.23) about the “one reason” she signed up to the deal at first: “I did it for my kids.”

Britney’s conservatorship, imposed by a California judge, lasted 13 years and was only legally ended in 2022.

She added in her book: “Because I played by the rules, I was reunited with my boys.”

Britney adds the conservatorship made her lose all control over her life as Jamie handled everything from her diet and hairstyle to her career and more.

She said: “Even though I begged the court to appoint literally anyone else – and I mean, anyone off the street would have been better – my father was given the job.”

Judge Brenda Penny finally freed Britney from her conservatorship in November 2021 after a series of emotional testimonies in which the ‘Crossroads’ star detailed the abuse she experienced under its restraints, and it was formally ditched on April last year.

Since being granted her freedom, Britney has travelled, gotten married and separated from her husband Sam Asghari, 29, and taken back control of her social media – and written her autobiography.

Britney says in her book: “Freedom means being goofy, silly, and having fun on social media… freedom means being able to make mistakes, and learning from them.

“Freedom means I don’t have to perform for anyone – onstage or offstage. “Freedom means that I get to be as beautifully imperfect as everyone else.

“And freedom means the ability, and the right, to search for joy, in my own way, on my own terms.”