Britney Spears' Hotel Stay With Boyfriend Turned Chaotic With Cops And Paramedics Called Over Allegedly 'Out Of Control' Behavior

 A screenshot of Britney Spears singing in the movie Crossroads.
A screenshot of Britney Spears singing in the movie Crossroads.

It's been a big week for Britney Spears in several ways, with her divorce from Sam Asghari getting finalized on top of her settlement with father Jamie Spears over their conservatorship dispute. Unfortunately, the sometimes pop star is once again making headlines, only this time for a possibly chaotic hotel dispute with her boyfriend that was apparently hectic enough for the police and paramedics to get called in.

The Details Behind Britney Spears And Paul Soliz's Alleged Fight

Spears and her current boyfriend Paul Soliz are said to have arrived at the Chateau Marmont late into the evening on Wednesday, May 1. According to TMZ, some kind of disturbance ensued, and a woman who fit the singer's description was said to be harassing hotel guests and staffers, while also making threats.

The police were called, though it's not clear who reached out, and officers arrived on the scene just after 10:30 p.m. However, they did not witness anything out of the ordinary, and reportedly vacated the scene shortly after.

Around 11:00 p.m., it's stated that Britney Spears was in her room with Soliz, where there are believed to have been drinking and partying. Something went down after that point, and the couple are said to have engaged in a big altercation.

Witnesses say Spears was "out of control" in the hallway outside of her suite, and that she was screaming to the point where other guests allegedly began thinking she was having some kind of mental episode. That confusion led to someone calling an ambulance for her, which arrived somewhere around 12:40 a.m.

The official reason given for the paramedics visit was a possible "injured person," and it's believed that Britney Spears may have cut or injured her leg in some way during or just after the altercation.

While clutching a pillow, with the hotel bed's blanket wrapped around her, Spears was seen talking to paramedics outside of the hotel. It's noted that she was crying at the time, but that she did not enter the ambulance and was not taken to any nearby hospitals.

She did end up leaving the hotel, reportedly with her security detail in tow. However, boyfriend Paul Soliz was not with her at the time.

Who Is Paul Soliz?

Back in 2022, Paul Soliz entered Britney Spears' life after being hired by her estate to take on a housekeeper-esque duties around the home, from trash pick-up to mopping and cleaning. However, he was reportedly fired from that gig after his employers discovered his past run-ins with police, including a 2014 conviction for disturbing the peace, a 2016 conviction for driving without a license, and felony firearm charges that went down in December 2022. Most recently, he was sentenced to two years of probation during a September 2023 court appearance over an alleged probation violation.

Soliz and Spears' romantic connections were first reported in the aftermath of her divorce news. However, according to InTouch, that was a temporarily fling that only went on for a few weeks. However, months later in February 2024, the pair reportedly came together again so that she could introduce him to her children.

Most recently, at least ahead of the hotel snafu, Spears and Soliz were photographed together in the San Fernando Valley in late April, though she was trying to avoid being seen in the shots at the time.

Beyond her conservatorship lawsuit settlement and her alleged hotel altercation, Britney Spears' financial situation has also made headlines of late. In particular, insiders have claimed she's potentially in danger of going broke due to the number of lavish vacactions she takes, while other insiders claim that she still has more than enough moolah to fund her private plan trips without fear of poverty.