Britons among skiers facing 10-day quarantine in Austria amid Omicron fears

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 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

British skiers could face the possibility of a 10-day quarantine on arrival to Austria as soon as Friday, local media has reported.

The Kronen Zeitunghas reported the Austrian government is considering whether to “classify Great Britain, Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands as virus variant areas” due to fears over the Omicron variant.

Under the proposed rules, only Austrian or EU citizens and those with “habitual” residence in Austria would be allowed to enter from Britain.

The measure would have an impact on tourists wanting to visit the popular ski holiday destination.

A confirmation from the Austrian Ministry of Health is said to be pending.

Austria, which has just emerged from a national lockdown, has already introduced restrictions for international travellers.

The country’s government said it would only allow entry to vaccinated travellers from Monday while those who had not received a booster jab would be required to take a test in order to enter the country.

The move would be a fresh blow to the ski industry which has already seen travel bans by France and Germany have a knock on effect on bookings for the skiing season.

It comes after both countries banned British tourists amid concern over the rapid rise in Omicron Covid cases in the UK.

The measures in Germany took effect on Sunday evening after the Robert Koch Institute said it classified the UK as a virus variant area of concern.

Last week saw several Eurostar trains from London to Paris sell out as people rushed home before the Saturday deadline.

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