Britons limited to six drinks a day in Ibiza and Majorca on all-inclusive breaks

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Stock photo of people partying in Ibiza (Getty Images  for Images for Del)
Stock photo of people partying in Ibiza (Getty Images for Images for Del)

Holidaymakers visiting party resorts in Mallorca and Ibiza have been left disappointed after alcohol limits were introduced.

EasyJet has warned passengers new laws have been imposed limiting visitors to six drinks a day on all-inclusive breaks in the Balearic Islands off the southern coast of Spain.

The islands’ tourism minister Lago Negueruela said the laws were brought in to stop “embarrassing” drunken tourists.

Revellers are limited to six free alcoholic drinks per day, while shops are banned from selling alcohol between 9.30pm and 8am.

The rules - covering certain resorts in Ibiza, Majorca and Menorca - came in just over a year ago but Britons are only just returning to the Balearics after the pandemic and may be unaware of them.

EasyJet has begun informing passengers booking package holidays of the rule change.

Anyone booking an all-inclusive stay via the budget airline receives the following message: “‘Due to a change in Spanish law which affects certain resorts in the Balearic islands, alcoholic drinks are now limited to three per person at lunch and dinner as part of the all-inclusive basis.”

Announcing the new laws in 2020, a regional government spokesman said: “Efforts to promote the destination, to provide it with better quality through both public and private sector investments, and position it in an increasingly competitive and global market, have been affected recently by certain uncivic behaviour.

“Most of this type of behaviour is directly related to alcohol abuse in certain tourist areas of Majorca and Ibiza.”

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