Britons were told by government to ‘Get Ready for Brexit’ and Twitter didn’t disappoint

The Get Ready for Brexit advertising campaign will cost £100 million. (Picture: Cabinet Office)

The government has unveiled its £100 million “Get Ready for Brexit” advertising campaign, sparking a range of reactions and emotions on Twitter.

The move came as the official Get Ready for Brexit portal launched on the website – but not everyone was a fan.

The government says the new campaign lets individuals and businesses know how they will be affected if the UK leaves the EU on October 31 as planned.

The slogan appeared on a huge billboard at Westfield shopping centre in Stratford, east London, on Sunday, a day after thousands protested across the UK at prime minister Boris Johnson’s plan to prorogue Parliament.

The Get Ready For Brexit web portal. (Picture:

It will be publicised on social media in the coming days and TV adverts will appear later this month.

The PR campaign is run by Michael Gove, the cabinet minister tasked with no-deal Brexit preparations.

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Travellers were warned to expect delays at the UK border after October and to check with their vet before taking pets to the EU.

The hashtag #GetReadyForBrexit trended on Twitter, and while some users congratulated the government for getting on with it, many others were more sceptical.

Twitter user @christhebarker doctored the official slogan to read: “Look, can you stop making such a fuss, some of us stand to make an absolute fortune out of this”.

Another user, @LuckyHeronSay, said: “Get ready for Boris Johnson’s right wing disaster”.

Other users were quick to point out the rather basic questions on the Get Ready for Brexit portal on the government’s website.

User Matt Monium joked: “Your internet might not work after Oct 31, so #GetReadyForBrexit by printing off all of our website now.

“Or we can send you a CD, like in the old days.”

There were also Twitter users who voiced approval for the new campaign.

Heather Hepplewhite tweeted: “YES!!!! at last.. #backboris #BelieveInBritain #buybritish and all of US prepare to #leave We can do this. Let us take our country back and save our democracy”.

The Get Ready for Brexit checklist allows users to say if they propose to travel to or export to the EU, or if they are a British national living in the EU. It then returns results that suggest how to start preparing for Brexit in each scenario.

Michael Gove is behind the Get Ready For Brexit campaign (Picture: PA)

The site warns that people may not be able to take their pets abroad until 2020, advising them to contact their vet "at least four months" before travelling to have all the necessary paperwork.

People are also encouraged to "check for disruption" before travelling to the EU after October, as "border checks may take longer".

They are also advised to renew their passports "as soon as possible".

Mobile phone users are warned that "[you] may be charged for using your mobile device in the EU if your operator has re-introduced roaming charges".

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