Brits' confidence in how Brexit is going is falling, poll finds

The British public are becoming more and more negative towards how Brexit is going, research has revealed.

A poll by ICM and the Guardian suggests that confidence in how the UK’s withdrawal from the EU is going is falling.

According to the poll, which questioned just over 2,000 adults from across the country, just 16% of the British public think the Brexit process is going well, with 53% of the view that it’s going badly.

<em>Confidence – the British public are becoming more negative when it comes to how Brexit is going (Pictures: Reuters)</em>
Confidence – the British public are becoming more negative when it comes to how Brexit is going (Pictures: Reuters)

When asked the same question back in December, 21% of the British public said it was going well, with 51% saying it was going badly.

When it comes to certain political groups, fewer than a third (32%) of Conservative voters think Brexit is going well, down from almost two in five (39%) at the start of December.


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And while it may be unsurprising that only 12% of 2016 Remainers think Brexit is going well, less than a quarter (23%) of Leave voters think the process is going smoothly.

The poll also looked at which politicians enjoyed the most support for their position on Brexit.

Of the politicians people were asked about, Boris Johnson attracted the most support for his views on Brexit, but only 32% of the British public say they agree with his Brexit stance.

That in turn is only 1% above agreement with Theresa May’s Brexit views (31%), while a similar proportion (30%) of the British public say they agree with Nigel Farage’s views on the sort of Brexit the UK should adopt.

By comparison, Jeremy Corbyn’s views on Brexit win the agreement of 23% of the British public – although many more (39%) disagree with him.

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