Brits are divided over perfect tea colour as controversial chart sparks debate

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Brits are notoriously particular about their tea.

With over 100 million cups of the beloved beverage consumed daily in the UK, it's safe to say we're somewhat experts on the matter. However, the perfect cuppa is a subjective concept, with everyone having their own preferred shade for their brew.

Whether you take your tea with milk and sugar or prefer a stronger builder's brew, there's nothing quite like the satisfaction of receiving a cuppa that's just the right colour.

A recent tea chart has sparked controversy among Brits, who can't seem to reach a consensus on the ideal shade. Comedian Limahl Germain certainly stirred the pot when he shared a TikTok video featuring the tea chart, asserting that there was only one correct answer.

He began by recounting how someone had made him a "number eight" cup of tea - a very milky brew - which led him to question their friendship. "You can't be trusted. I asked for a cup of tea and you brought me a cup of milk. Are you alright? ," queried Limahl.

In Limahl's opinion, a number one is acceptable as it indicates a preference for tea without milk. However, he found a number two nonsensical, likening it to mistakenly adding milk. "What is the point? " he questioned.

He deemed a number three as "silly" but "fair enough", signifying just a small splash of milk. According to Limahl, "four and five is how you should drink your tea". "I don't care what anyone says, if you have milk in your tea, that's how it should look.," he added.

Warning: the video below contains swearing.

The comedian warns that with number six, you're "crossing the line", but haven't "crossed it yet". However, if someone has requested a 'milky tea', that's exactly what they should receive. Controversially, he suggests that if you're consuming number seven, eight or nine, "you don't like tea".

As expected, the comment section of the video, which has been viewed over 113k times, was divided on the ideal shade of tea. One individual commented: "5 is the only appropriate response. Anything else, and I know that you don't like me."

However, another person remarked: "I'm a 1 can't stand milk black tea all the way." A third joked: "5 I want. 4 I'll accept. 6 I would reluctantly drink. Anything else, needs to be thrown in the person's face!".

A fourth explained their preference: "Number 2 for me - I can explain... I was off milk when I was pregnant! And you can't dip a biccy in 1 but 2 you can." In a shocking revelation, another shared: "I used to work with a woman who used to make 9 milk FIRST then hot water then would DIP the teabag in. I'm forever appalled."