Brits think Donald Trump is making the world a more dangerous place

Britons think Donald Trump is making the world a more dangerous place, an ICM poll has found (Picture: AP)

He’s been the subject of disbelief, anger and controversy, but a poll has shown that Britons think that Donald Trump is actually making the world a more dangerous place.

As the US President prepares to travel to the UK for his controversial visit this week, a poll by ICM for the Guardian revealed British people’s overwhelmingly negative view of Mr Trump.

According to the poll of just over 2,000 people, most Brits think Donald Trump is dishonest and they wouldn’t like someone like him as Prime Minister.

Asked whether the President makes the world a more dangerous place, 63% agreed while just 16% disagreed.

Six in ten people (60%) disagreed that Trump is “generally honest and tells the truth”, with just 17% agreeing, while just 18% agreed that Trump as President was good for the UK, with 53% disagreeing.

Despite Theresa May’s woes, it seems Brits wouldn’t want a PM like Donald Trump (Picture: AP)

Theresa May is facing her own woes this week following resignations from two of her Cabinet members over Brexit, but it seems Brits don’t think Mr Trump could do a better job.

Just under half (47%) disagreed with the statement, ‘If he were PM Trump would make a success of Brexit’, while just 29% agreed. And while 23% said he is a better leader than the UK Prime Minister, 45% disagreed.


Asked whether they would like to see a politician like Trump as British PM, nearly two thirds (63%) disagreed while just 20% agreed.

Alex Turk, Research Manager at ICM Unlimited, said: “With President Trump due to touchdown on British soil on Thursday, we wanted to see what the British public thought of him.

Dishonest – Brits think Mr Trump, pictured here with US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, is dishonest (Picture: Reuters)

 “We started by asking if the British public supported the visit. Given we asked a very similar question when the visit was first announced back in April, we can conclude that, if anything, opposition to the visit has increased. Whereas around 3 in 10 of the British public (31%) opposed the visit back in April, this has now increased to over a third (35%) in opposition to Trump’s visit.

 “It may not come as a surprise that most of the British public are negative towards Trump, with a majority of those expressing an opinion actively disagreeing with most of the positive statements about Trump we suggested in the poll. Excluding those who don’t know, two-thirds (66%) would not like to see a politician like Trump as British Prime Minister, with the same proportion agreeing that Trump has made the world a more dangerous place.

“A similar proportion (64%) do not think he is generally honest and reliable at telling the truth. Of those expressing a view, a majority (57%) do not think Trump is good for the UK or is doing a good job as US President (56%).”