Brits turning away from Majorca after anti-tourist protests survey finds

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The surge in anti-tourism protests across Majorca is deterring British tourists from visiting the Spanish island, a survey has found. The Majorca Daily Bulletin, a local news outlet, reports that approximately 44 per cent of people are now reconsidering their holiday plans to Majorca.

Just last week, 15,000 locals marched through the streets of Palma demanding more affordable housing and fewer holiday homes, as the island grapples with an overtourism issue. This has sparked concerns among businesses about their ability to generate sufficient income this summer, given that tourism is their primary revenue source.

The news outlet noted that some resorts, including the popular Magaluf, are "unusually quiet" for this time of year as we approach the summer season. Despite the island's economy being heavily dependent on tourism, and despite the protests, local authorities insist that British holidaymakers are still welcome.

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Britain is the second largest contributor to Majorca's tourism after Germany, and recent government data shows that tourist spending in the country has risen by over 22 percent compared to 2023. This has provoked further discontent among locals, who have reportedly planned additional protests to advocate for a cap on the number of tourists due to overcrowding issues.

The recent protest in Palma, spearheaded by Banc del Temps, saw the group's spokesperson Javier Barbero issue a stark warning: "This is just the start of things. If measures aren't taken we will continue taking to the streets until we see action.", reports the Express.

Meanwhile, another activist organisation, Menys Turisme, Mes Vida (Less Tourism, More Life), has made bold threats to bring Palma de Mallorca Airport to a standstill. The airport, which welcomed 31 million passengers last year, could face severe disruptions if the group follows through on its plans to create traffic chaos.

However, Jaume Bauza, the Balearic Islands' tourism minister, has vehemently condemned these tactics, stating: "It is a proposal that has no place within a society like the one we live in today, a measure that is currently classified as a crime."

The groups are not stopping there; they have also hinted at obstructing the main port and targeting popular tourist destinations such as Calo des Moro and Es Trenc beaches.