Brits warned to expect ‘severe’ disruption over French air traffic controller strike

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There could be fresh travel misery for Brits  (PA Wire)
There could be fresh travel misery for Brits (PA Wire)

British holidaymakers are being urged to postpone any trips this weekend after a planned air traffic controller strike in France.

Airlines are being told to halve their schedules which could have a knock-on effect on other European flights as well.

France’s aviation authority the DGAC has warned of “severe” disruption and urged passengers to delay trips.

“Flight cancellations and significant delays are to be expected,” the DGAC said in a statement.

“Passengers who can are invited to postpone their trips.”

The French Syndicat National des Contrôleurs du Trafic Aérien (SNCTA) union called the strike, which will last Friday 6am til Saturday, over pay and working conditions.

Air France confirmed they would be axing more than half of its short and medium-haul flights on Friday.

Strikes across the aviation industry, including ground and cabin personnel who seek to have their salaries adjusted to increased living costs amid high inflation caused severe disruptions to Europe’s summer traffic.

It came as more than 100 Heathrow Airport flights will be cancelled due to the Queen’s funeral.

The west London airport announced that 15% of its 12,000 flights due to take off or land on Monday will be disrupted “to avoid noise”.

The airport said it wants to ensure the skies over London will be quiet during the two-minute national silence as the Queen’s funeral at Westminster Abbey nears its end shortly before noon.

No flights will be allowed to take off or land from 15 minutes before the silence starts until 15 minutes after it ends.

Departures and arrivals will also be halted during the arrival of the funeral cortege and procession at Windsor Castle, and diverted around the castle during the private family service on Monday night.