Broad City duo to recreate Wayne’s World with live reading

Gregory Wakeman
[Images via Comedy Central and NBC Films]

‘Broad City’ stars Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer have signed up to perform a live reading of ‘Wayne’s World’, in a move that’s just so right a movie studio immediately needs to cast them in a remake of the beloved 1992 comedy.

The duo will be performing ‘Wayne’s World’ to a live audience as part of 2017’s Colossal Clusterfest, which, for any of you that are considering attending, will take place in San Francisco between June 2 and June 4. No further announcements have been made regarding who will join the pair for the performance, but the big question now is which of the duo will play Wayne and Garth, respectively.

My money is on Abbi to play Garth, and then Ilana to take on the role of Wayne Campbell, while Hannibal Burress is obviously the only logical choice to play Cassandra. Fans of the original film, which is basically anyone who has ever seen Mike Myers and Dana Carvey’s creation, will be hoping that one or both of the duo will make an appearance, too.

Considering that Jerry Seinfeld, Kevin Hart, Bill Burr, Sarah Silverman, TJ Miller, Bob Odenirk, and Fred Armisen are also scheduled to appear as part of Colossal Clusterfest, Abbi and Ilana have several comedic heavyweights to turn to if they’re low on numbers.

At the same time, the duo should also take this opportunity to ask one or all of the above whether they want to appear in the fourth season of ‘Broad City’, too, which is currently in production and will air later this summer. We’re still waiting for an exact release date for the upcoming new batch of episodes, but the most recent teaser from Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer suggested it’s going to be closer to August, while any later than date will just feel cruel.