Broad City returns with April Fools’ short that almost ends Abbi and Ilana’s friendship

Gregory Wakeman
[Image by Comedy Central]

With the return of ‘Broad City’ still four months away, fans are eager to lap up any new footage of Abbi and Ilana. Thankfully the pair are more than happy to oblige with such clips. But the latest brief “hack” into the ‘Broad City’ world was actually a bit of a nail-bitter, as an April Fools’ prank almost resulted in the immediate disintegration of Abbi and Ilana’s friendship.

You can watch the ‘Hack Into Broad City – April Fools’ Day – Uncensored’ short below. Those of you that are easily offended should know that it possesses some very strong language, though.

Yet further proof that April Fools’ is the most dangerous day of the year. While every ‘Broad City’ die-hard breathed a huge sigh of relief when Abbi managed to convince Ilana that her earth-shattering declaration was actually a prank, if you look a little deeper the above might have actually included some teasers about what to expect in the upcoming fourth season of the show.

First of all, Abbi’s opening line suggests that we’re definitely going to see her making an awful lot of pies, especially of the rhubarb variety. More troubling, though, is the suggestion that Abbi might actually try to break away from Ilana and rediscover her individuality instead of just being a half of their giant fused brain.

Obviously that’s not something either ‘Broad City’ fans or Ilana wants to see, but the suggestion that Abbi might decide to meet her grisly death if she’s not given her space probably means that she’s going to need just that. Especially in the wake of her brief romantic dalliance with Trey, which ended so awkwardly last season after she kept it a secret from Ilana.

We’ve still got a few months until we find out what will be included in ‘Broad City’s’ fourth season, though, as it will only be with us in August. Which gives Abbi plenty of time to buy a new bowl.