Brody and Kat team up against Zannis

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Brody signs for a drugs package for Zannis and hands it to him in his car outside. Suddenly, Kat and other police officers arrive on the scene, with sirens blaring. Zannis and Brody try to make a run for it, but they're both caught and handcuffed. Zannis is told that he's going straight to remand, as they have enough evidence to put him away for a long time. Zannis argues that Brody is the real criminal, but an officer tells him that Brody will get what he deserves too.

Once Zannis is taken away, Kat removes the handcuffs from Brody, who asks Kat if she thinks Zannis bought it. Evidently the Morgans and Kat organised the entire scenario to arrest Zannis and Brody is free to go for now thanks to his cooperation. Brody's not totally in the clear, though. He has confessed to receiving packages for Zannis in the past, so he's in the hands of the prosecution service.

Meanwhile, Ash finds a stressed out Tori at the station and puts his arm around her in comfort, just as Kat, Justin and Brody exit the interview room. At home, Kat is furious about what she witnessed between Tori and Ash, but Ash thinks she's crazy as they're just mates. Later, Kat tells Ash to stop getting Tori to babysit – he's stringing her along and she doesn't want him hanging out with a woman who has feelings for him.

Photo credit: Channel 5
Photo credit: Channel 5

Elsewhere, Ben and Maggie hear of Brody's drug problem and tell Ziggy to stay away from him, with predictable results.

Also today, Maggie is delighted when she is offered the Principal's job at Summer Bay High.

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