Broke Rapper 50 Cent Passes $40 Online Debt School

50 Cent may not have 25 cents to rub together these days, but he did manage to rummage around the back of the sofa and find $40 to enrol himself in debt school.

And the skint rapper totally aced it.

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The two-part online course involved the native New Yorker taking a 90-minute credit counselling session and a two hour ‘debtor education’ class. It’s a long way from hanging out on yachts.

According to the Daily Mail Online, the spendthrity Fiddy was ordered to enrol on the debt counselling course with a financial adviser after he filed for bankruptcy.

He had to pay an extra $5 for his certificate which will no doubt look lovely framed in the downstairs loo next to his platinum discs.

Fiddy sharped his pencil and completed the three and a half hour online session which offers “affordable financial education to financially distressed and low-income households” which no problems.

Low income isn’t a phrase usually used in the same sentence as one of the world’s biggest selling musical acts.

The Get Rich or Die Tryin singer (yes, irony), who is also an astute business man (OR SO WE THOUGHT) was is said to be worth $155million. But last Tuesday he filed for bankruptcy saying he whole glitzy lifestyle was a sham and that he’s a whopping $28million in debt. Wanna borrow a fiver, Fiddy?

Those Lamborghinis, Bentleys and bling? All borrowed apparently. 50 Cent claims they were only ever for show and the only jewellery he owns are three gold chains and a plastic Casio G-Shock watch which he wore to his bankruptcy court appearance. Retro.

The tough talking artist is worried that his financial woes will make him a laughing stock in the materially-obsessed world of rap. He said: “Now that I’ve filed for bankruptcy … I’m not as cool as I was last week.”

You never know, Fiddy, rap stars everywhere will be swapping their Rolexes for Casio G-Shocks by the end of the year. Maybe.