Bronson’s ‘son’ says they faked relationship for six years in publicity stunt

A man who claimed to be Charles Bronson’s son for six years has now said that they are not related.

George Bamby said he agreed to fake the relation in order to gain publicity for the notorious prisoner, adding that he “made loads of money” from it.

The self-described “PR agent” made the comment during an interview with TalkTV about Bronson losing his Parole Board bid to be freed from jail.

Mr Bamby said Bronson – who changed his surname to Salvador in 2014 – approached him six years ago asking if he would help “get loads of publicity for him and make sure he wasn’t forgotten about”.

He said: “Me and Charlie together made up the story that he was my dad.

“Charles Bronson is not my father. I am a PR agent. I’m a marketing person, and I’m the UK’s number one paparazzi.

“I’ve not told anybody this for six years and it’s been an absolute bane of my life.”

He added: “Me and Charlie, for the last six years, have made loads of money, we’ve had loads of fun, we’ve created loads of stories, we’ve done loads of ridiculous things, we’ve manipulated the media, we’ve manipulated the prison service.

“I got into the maximum security services in four different prisons as a journalist.”

Mr Bamby said the profits were split between him and Bronson’s consultant, because people serving jail time are not legally allowed to make money.

When asked for an interview by the PA news agency, Mr Bamby said to “refer to the (TalkTV) interview”, adding: “I’m off on holiday”.