Broxtowe general election 2024 candidates list ahead of polling day

High Road in Beeston Town Centre, with many commuters walking through
-Credit: (Image: Joseph Raynor/Nottingham Post)

Voters across Nottinghamshire are heading to the polls on July 4 to have their say on who should govern the country. Candidates have been picked to contest seats across the county from a broad range of parties, whilst some candidates are standing as independents.

Although much of the national conversation will be dominated by the party leaders, voters do not directly vote for a Prime Minister. Instead, they have the chance to decide who should represent them as their area's MP in the House of Commons.

The party with the largest number of MPs goes on to form a government, with the leader of that party serving as Prime Minister. Both the Conservatives and Labour have picked who will be standing for them in the vast majority of Nottinghamshire's 11 constituencies.

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Nottinghamshire is made up of three city constituencies and eight county ones. Below are all the candidates, presented in alphabetical order by surname, for Broxtowe.

Broxtowe candidates


Juliet Campbell

Liberal Democrats

James Collis


Dr John Doddy


Darren Henry


Teresa Needham

Reform UK

Joseph Oakley

Workers Party of Britain

Maqsood Syed