Brutal road rage attack in Birmingham gets dispersed by a middle-aged woman

Shocking footage shows two thugs battering a motorist during a brutal road rage attack - before a middle-aged woman stepped in to break up the brawl. The violent scenes broke out in broad daylight at a set of traffic lights along the busy Coventry Road, in Sheldon, Birmingham on Tuesday afternoon (22/6). The occupants of a black Audi can be seen getting out of their vehicle before pulling open the door of another car which was stationary at the lights. They start punching and kicking the driver, who eventually steps out from the vehicle and begins exchanging blows with the men in the middle of the street. A woman can be heard shouting "leave it, leave it" as she puts herself between the brawling yobs before the two-on-one attack comes to an abrupt end. The mobile phone footage, which was obtained by Birmz Is Grime, has racked up tens of thousands of views after being uploaded to social media. Web users were quick to praise the brave woman's actions for splitting up the brawl which took place on one of the main commuter routes into Birmingham. *This video was filmed 22nd June 2021.

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