Bryan Cranston on a way back for the Kevin Spaceys and Harvey Weinsteins: 'It would take time and tremendous contrition'

Christopher Hooton

Bryan Cranston has discussed the recent allegations consuming Hollywood, saying that he is glad the endemic behaviour is being exposed and expressing hope that some of the accused will be forgiven once they have atoned.

"We are hypersensitive to this and it's a good thing that we are," he told the BBC of the allegations ahead of his turn in the National Theatre's Network production.

"It involves actors and actresses and people who are well known, that's why it's getting attention. Sexual predator behaviour is not a Hollywood problem it's a societal problem. And we're seeing that everywhere and that's what's so great about it, that it's being exposed."

"'Oh god I called this other girl sweetie, maybe I shouldn't do that,'" he quoted. "Yes, maybe I shouldn't do that! Let's all think back on our behaviour. And I'm not saying that that's an aggressive act but it could be inappropriate."

Asked if there might be a way back "for the Weinsteins and Spaceys of this world", Cranston mused: "It would take time, it would take a society to forgive them and it would take tremendous contrition on their part. And a knowingness that they have a deeply-rooted psychological and emotional problem and it takes years to mend that.

"If they were to show us that they put the work in and are truly sorry and making amends and not defending their actions but asking for forgiveness, then maybe down the road there is room for that, maybe so. Then it would be up to us to determine case by case whether or not this person deserves a second chance."

He continued: "I think in the face of it, we should let that open. We shouldn't close it off and say 'To hell with him, rot and go away from us for the rest of your life.' Let's not do that, let's be bigger than that. Let's leave it open for the few who can make it through that gauntlet of trouble and who have reclaimed their life and their dignity and respect for others - maybe it's possible."

The issue of potential forgiveness is still a long way off in terms of the collective conversation, as more and more allegations of sexual misconduct, abuse and rape flood out.

Louis CK came under fire last week, while Gal Gadot has said she will not reprise her role of Wonder Woman if producer-director Brett Ratner is attached to the project.