Bryan Cranston's hilarious first speaking role

Bryan Cranston may be one of the most respected actors in Hollywood now, but everyone’s gotta start somewhere, and for Cranston, it was pure luck and a little white lie that got him his first-ever speaking role.

Cranston stopped by Talking With Chris Hardwick and told the story of how he earned his SAG card. He was originally an extra in the made-for-TV movie To Race the Wind, starring Steve Guttenberg. Cranston was on set holding a football and the director, Walter Grauman, needed someone to play quarterback in a football scene, so he called Cranston over. Cranston lied and told Grauman that not only did he play football but he was a quarterback.

Cranston was supposed to just say “Hike,” but he tried to jazz things up a little. He added numbers as if he was calling plays along with a thick New England accent because that’s where the movie was taking place. This didn’t sit well with Grauman, and Cranston had to go back to simply saying, “Hike,” but it was enough to get him his SAG card.

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