Brynards Hill development refused by Wiltshire Council

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Brynards Hill development refused by Wiltshire Council
Brynards Hill development refused by Wiltshire Council

A planning application which would have seen houses built in an open space in Royal Wootton Bassett has been refused by Wiltshire Council.

In December 2020 Wainhomes submitted plans to build 61 homes on the green space near Brynards Hill in exchange for a country park in Royal Wootton Bassett.

However, 600 objections were submitted to Wiltshire Council in protest of the development.

These came from residents, Royal Wootton Bassett Town Council and Network Rail and other organisations and were all submitted during spring 2021.

Valerie Watson of Maranatha New Road said the development would cause “massive traffic problems as there wasn’t proper access to the site using Pool Meadows.”

Whilst Nigel Jones of Cloatley Crescent said the development would destroy the countryside.

“This development will further intrude on the open countryside alongside RWB in an area frequented by families, ramblers, wildlife and photographs,” he said.

Network Rail objected as they had significant concerns from their internal drainage maintenance team.

Wainhomes has now submitted another set of revisions of the plans and Royal Wootton Bassett residents have until April 13 to express their thoughts about the plans.

However, this angered residents as Wainhomes had allegedly not kept their part of the bargain.

In previous comments made to the Adver, Councillor Steve Bucknell: “Wainhomes entered into a legal agreement under section 106 of the planning acts, under which they are legally obliged to deliver a country park. They have reneged on that, failed to put the country park in place and instead have repeatedly tried to build housing on it.

"As a company, they have broken their promises and their legal obligations to residents of the town. I am therefore not at all surprised that residents are angry and frustrated and have lost all faith in Wainhomes."

On Wednesday it was announced that the application had been refused much to the delight of residents.

The council said it refused planning permission for the following reasons.

  • “The proposal would result in the urbanisation of open rural land and the loss of important local green infrastructure in this locally prominent location which would result in harm to the local landscape, recreational opportunities, the character, appearance and visual amenity of the immediate locality and diminish the design.”

  • “The proposals fail to provide for and include adequate supporting information to demonstrate that the site can be served by a safe and appropriate means of vehicular access; internal vehicular access; parking provision; public right of way, retention and management; and pedestrian / cycle accessibility within the site and in connection to services, facilities and infrastructure in neighbouring areas.”

However, it may not be the end of the story as Wainhomes has stated that it intends to appeal against the judgement.

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