BST Festival 2017 lineup: The Killers revealed as final headliners

Brandon Flowers of The Killers on stage in 2014: Getty
Brandon Flowers of The Killers on stage in 2014: Getty

The Killers have been announced as the final headline act for BST 2017, along with a huge line-up of support acts.

The band will perform on Saturday 8 July in what is set to be their only UK festival date of 2017.

They will be supported by Elbow, White Lies, and Tears for Fears (who are a huge influence on The Killlers) in the latter's first London gig in 12 years.

Tickets are on pre-sale now and will go on general sale from 9am on Friday 27 January.

The Killers join fellow headliners Justin Bieber, Phil Collins, Kings of Leon, Green Day, and Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers.

Got sweaty palms already? Check out our handy tips for dealing with the demand:

1) Make sure you are ready and waiting with the web page up at least five minutes before 9am.

2) Do not let your computer, phone or whatever device holds the key to your happiness run out of battery.

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3) Register your details with the website you are booking from in advance, if you can, but don’t panic if you haven’t left enough time as your tickets will be held while you fill out your information

4) Check how many tickets you are allowed to buy in one purchase. If you try to buy more than the limited number, your booking may be cancelled without notice, meaning no-one gets to go.

5) Get your friends to try too, but stay in contact in case you all succeed and end up with a bunch of tickets you didn’t want. If you do need to sell any on, do so at face value. No-one likes a tout.

6) Be patient and avoid refreshing or switching between browsers. Stick with one tab and have some faith! Be prepared to wait for an hour to get tickets