Bubka: Tougher Sanctions For Cheats

Bubka: Tougher Sanctions For Cheats

Former Olympic pole vault champion Sergey Bubka wants to see further steps taken to tackle doping including sanctions for anybody who helps an athlete to cheat.

The Ukrainian, who is running for the presidency of the International Olympic Committee, also wants to get more children interested in sport.

Bubka said: "As chairman of the IAAF entourage commission, we are developing guidance for sport institutions regarding sanctions for the entourage. The entourage play a crucial role in the sport but also outside of the sport for the athletes.

"If they (the entourage) are involved (in doping), or they supply, or they do something..... coaches, athletes, sponsors, meet organisers, physios, doctors, agent or manager, even the parents, its a vast group and it would be so important to help and to develop and to clean sport.

"Today youngsters have so many different interests and they have so many distractions. In many cases we know they only play sport on computers, the Internet and social media. We need to turn this, to engage them, to build a link with them, to understand their needs and their interests. For a healthy lifestyle activities of the youth is so important."