Bucknell player throws basketball directly off the face of a West Virginia player from point-blank range in painful looking blooper

Emmett Knowlton
West Virginia Bucknell Face Ouch


March Madness is officially underway, and it didn't take long for the basketball tournament to give us its first truly painful-looking blooper.

Bucknell, a 13-seed in the West Region, is locked in a close first-round game against West Virginia, a 4-seed, in Buffalo, NY. On a broken play during the first half, Bucknell's Avi Toomer attempted to save the ball from going out of bounds by throwing it off a West Virginia player. The only problem was that as Toomer jumped in the air and turned to ricochet the ball of a West Virginia player, he wound up throwing it square off the face of WVU's Elijah Macon — from point blank range.

Check it out (via Bleacher Report):

Macon seems lucky to not have broken his nose. Toomer, meanwhile, successfully kept possession for Bucknell. 

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