A budding young news reader records her own bulletins with updates on the pandemic - aged FIVE

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A budding young news reader records her own bulletins with updates on the pandemic - aged FIVE. Macie McAllister makes her three minute news videos on her mum Charlie's tablet. Charlie looked at her device and found Macie had recorded reports made up on the spot - called 'Macie's News.' Macie goes into detail about the pandemic forcing everything to shut and people needing to clean more. In one video, Macie tells the camera: ''Everywhere is shut - but you can go in the garden. ''But did you know that you should clean every time in your house because your parents might have the virus." One of Macie's bulletins include news on how to stop the virus from spreading - by spending it into space. She said: "Nobody can catch it if it's in space apart from Astronauts who go there.'' Speaking about her news videos, Macie, Shrivenham near Swindon, Wilts, said: "I wanted to make my very own video about the news. ''I enjoy it because I get to use my imagination to do it." Charlie, 24, was surprised Macie had absorbed so much about the virus since she has never watched the news. The mum-of-two said: "I was truly amazed by how she spoke, purely from what she's heard going on in the world around her. ''For a five-year-old sending it into space is so logical. I don't watch the news but I do have the radio on. ''I try to keep the adult conversation away from her. I was surprised she knew so much about it.'' In the video, Macie mentions her Auntie Michelle getting told off by the police for trying to visit her in lockdown - but this was made up by Charlie as a way to explain why she couldn't see her family. Charlie said: "It was confusing for her so when Macie asked: 'why can't I see Auntie Michelle?' I just said because the Police will tell her off. So it's funny how she remembered that from six months ago." Macie, who attends Shrivenham C of E Primary School, is joining Stagecoach theatre when lockdown is lifted. Charlie added: "They went into Macie's school a few months ago and did free trials - she loved it - she's so creative." Charlie uploaded Macie's news bulletin video to Facebook for family to watch it and many were surprised how much Macie knew about the virus. "She did it on the spot with information she's heard in conversation but she spoke like an actual news reporter," she added. "Originally when people saw it they were surprised because so many kids, the way they process it and tell it back, they understand it so well. "So many kids must be thinking the same thing. Macie understands it so it makes me think we should be more truthful with children. "She thinks she's famous now." Macie signs off the video with: "We need to stop the virus from spreading. "Thank you for seeing Macie's TV - come back again and we'll do more news."