Buffalo Bills Fan Celebrates for Doorbell Camera After Team Clinches Division

Fans of the Buffalo Bills celebrated into the early hours of Sunday morning, December 20, after the team clinched the AFC East for the first time in 25 years.

Local resident Mandi Wach shared a clip showing how excited her husband was following the game, captured just before 2 am at their home in Buffalo. Still reeling from the victory, Matthew Wach can be seen in this Ring doorbell footage strumming an air guitar and holding up the number one before entering the house.

Wach told Storyful that her husband Matthew was returning home from greeting the Bills at the Buffalo airport. Fans had gathered in the cold to greet the team’s flight from Denver.

The Bills beat the Denver Broncos 48-19 on Saturday, resulting in the team’s first AFC East championship victory since 1995. Credit: Mandi Wach via Storyful