Buffalo Bills Tailgater Gets Better of Table - Eventually

Table slamming has become an integral part of any Buffalo Bills tailgate, at home or on the road. For one fan visiting the Dolphins on Sunday, November 17, however, it looked for a while as if the table had, well, turned the tables.

Footage shared to Twitter by user @thetaltweets shows the scene before the Bills took on Miami, with one fan crashing onto a fold-up table, only to find some stiff resistance. His first attempt makes no impact. A second fan then jumps on the table, slightly damaging it. This chink in the table’s armor was enough for the original fan, whose second pass successfully destroys the table.

The table put up rather more resistance than the home team, sadly for the Dolphins, as the Bills ran out 37-20 winners. Credit: @theschmearcamp via Storyful