Buffalo Couple Uses Household Tools to Rescue Birds Stuck in Ice

A couple in Buffalo, New York, set out to rescue birds that became trapped in ice after a deadly blizzard swept through the area, video posted on Wednesday, December 28 shows.

Videos shared by Seamus Gallivan shows him and Alex McArthur using a hammer and other household tools to chip away at the ice in order to free the lodged birds.

Gallivan, who has been documenting their rescue efforts on his Facebook page, told Storyful that him, McArthur and a neighbor were able to free 16 seagulls.

According to Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz, at least 34 weather-related deaths were reported in the county by Wednesday morning. Credit: Seamus Gallivan via Storyful

Video transcript

- Yeah. Yeah, go. Yeah, I'll get you free. Come on.

- There you go. Come on. Oh, no.

- Come on. Come on. [GIGGLES] Yeah, yeah. Yay, that's far.

- He's trying to bite.

- Hey, I know, I know. I know, buddy. You can trust me. Yep, yep. Yeah. OK, fly away, buddy. Yeah, yay. Can you reach down and see where he's still stuck? Oh, you got it. It's the wing?

- I think, yeah. Sleepy bird [? up in ?] [? the bed. ?] OK. I'm working, buddy, I'm working. His feet is frozen. Out. Go ahead.

- I think it's just in the back. I think it's just in the back where you're stuck. When he really flaps his wings, he gets beyond that part. In that.