'Buffoon': Left-wing MP to file criminal complaint against TV host for insulting him


Member of Parliament Louis Boyard, 22, of the hard-left La France Insoumise (France Unbowed) party announced Monday that he will file a criminal complaint against TV anchor Cyril Hanouna for insulting him after the two clashed on the latter's show last week.

A left-wing MP who was called a "shit" and a "buffoon" on air by one of France's best known chatshow hosts said Monday he would file a criminal complaint over the insults.

Cyril Hanouna, the host of the widely watched "TPMP" show on the private C8 channel, caused outrage with his remarks during a furious row with left-winger Louis Boyard last Thursday.

Hanouna was angered by the 22-year-old MP criticising billionaire media mogul Vincent Bollore who is Hanouna's friend, business partner and the owner of C8.

Accusing Boyard of wanting to "create a buzz", he suggested such comments were inappropriate on a Bollore-owned channel and hypocritical given that Boyard had previously been a paid pundit on the show.

Boyard, a former student trade unionist and media figure before being elected in June, accused Hanouna of trying to censor criticism of Bollore whom he claimed had "deforested Cameroon."

"The all-powerful Hanouna who thinks he can insult and intimidate anyone because they criticise his boss is unacceptable," Boyard told reporters on Monday, adding that he planned to file a criminal complaint.

"Whether you're an MP or not, a presenter should not insult someone live on air for having criticised the owner of his channel," he added.

Hanouna, who is of Tunisian origin, is one of France's most influential and well-paid chatshow hosts whose often feisty current affair debates are targeted at young people.


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