Buffy fans are debating the show's worst plot holes – and they all have to do with vampire lore


Buffy the Vampire Slayer was easily one of the most iconic TV series of the late 90s/early 2000s. But, like all good shows, it did have some goofs and inconsistencies.

"In season seven, episode 'First Date,' Robin meets Spike for the first time. In the second scene they're in together, they're driving in his car, and Robin looks at Spike sitting in the back through his rearview mirror (So he shouldn't be able to see Spike at all)." one fan wrote. "Right after, He asks Buffy and Spike how they know each other. I figured that must be him poking around for more info about why she's working with a vampire. However, in the next scene, Robin is completely surprised when Spike turns out to be a vampire. I guess Spike had a reflection after all."

Robin is a freelance vampire hunter, and doesn't know Spike is a vampire prior to their first introduction. It would've been a pretty cool moment if Robin had discovered Spike's true identity via looking into the rearview mirror and seeing an empty backseat. However, it looks like the writers/directors just left the scene in on accident – or forgot how vampire lore works. A similar goof happened in season 2:

"Every time I hear S2 Buffy saying they couldn’t be sure Drusilla was dead because 'they never saw her body' it makes me want to break something," one user said. Drusilla was a vampire – dead vampires don't leave behind bodies, they turn to dust.

"Angel couldn't give Buffy rescue breaths. Yet how often do we see Spike etc. smoking?" another person commented. Vampires don't breathe, but Spike is regularly seen with a cigarette in his hand.

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