Buffy fans left confused by appearance of Matt Smith’s Doctor Who character in 2022 calendar

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Buffy fans have been left confused by a gigantic error in a 2022 calendar dedicated to the series.

Those who own the item would have been surprised to discover that a pretty famous non-Buffy character made it in undetected.

One such person was entertainment journalist Alex McLevy, who wrote: “I’d like to thank the makers of the 2022 BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER calendar for obviously being devoted, passionate fans of the show who can readily identify all the most iconic characters.”

McLevy then shared an image from the January 2022 section of the calendar showing Buffy’s characters alongside Matt Smith’s incarnation of the Doctor from Doctor Who.

Even more bizarrely, the image also featured a Dæmon, who was a villain featured in the British sci-fi series back in the 1970s.

Since McLevy posted the image, it has gone viral on Twitter, with many expressing desire for a crossover between the two.

“The crossover we never knew we needed!” one fan wrote, with another adding: “TBF, a Doctor Who/Buffy crossover would kick all kinds of ass.”

It was then claimed in the comments section of McLevy’s tweet that the image was fan art created by Twitter user @AndyLambert7.

Lambert said: “It was made for a fun and was part of a series of Dr Who crossovers. I stopped doing Dr Who art because of s*** like this – I didn’t do it to line someone else’s pockets.”

The latest episode of Doctor Who aired on New Year’s Day (1 January). Read The Independent’s review of the adventure, titled “Eve of the Daleks”, here.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which starred Sarah Michelle Gellar, ran for seven seasons from 1997 to 2003.

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