Builders Race to Pilot's Aid After Forced Landing in Queensland

A Queensland pilot has called it a “terrifying experience”, but he nonetheless showed remarkable poise to bring his light aircraft down in an emergency landing after its engine failed, with the dramatic incident caught on camera by a builder.

Matthew Frost was working on a house outside Kandanga with fellow builder Marty Reinwald when they noticed Vic Pisani’s plane was in trouble.

As Frost recorded, they both began to wonder where and how the plane was going to land.

The plane is seen sweeping round to land in a paddock, whereupon it flips over. Reinwald is then seen running towards the plane, shouting: “Call an ambulance!”

Pisani described the crash to the ABC, and said he was able to crawl unhurt from the plane after it flipped. “There are worse places to put down and the outcome could have been a lot more serious,” he said, describing the “terrifying experience”.

Frost and Reinwald have won the family’s praise for their swift response. “We are so grateful for the tradies who rushed to Vic’s aid,” Amanda Pisani told the ABC. Credit: Matthew Frost via Storyful

Video transcript

- Oh, Jesus. Oh, this is not going to be good, man.

- Not if he crashes, eh?

- There's nowhere to [MUTED]. He's coming in here. Get-- get it on video, man. My-- my--

- Where's he going to [MUTED] land here? He'll have to go into one of these paddies.


- Is he going to turn and go along there?

- Don't crash into the house.


- Let's go. Call an ambulance!

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